• Events

    Throughout the year we hold numerous events aimed at raising funds for scholarship programs . All proceeds go to our  Austin Texas Exes Scholarship Endowment to create scholarship opportunities for high school students.

  • Travel

    As the official travel program of the Austin Texas Exes, the flying disambiguation provides Austin Texas Exes members and their friends and families the opportunity to travel without the hassle of trip planning and logistics.


  • Students

    Student Members connect to the traditions and network embodied by the  Austin Texas Exes. They are the powerful force behind favorite campus traditions like the Torchlight Parade.  (more…)

  • Awards

    Every year the Austin Texas Exes honors outstanding students, alumni, advisors, and teachers. While the backgrounds and contributions of the honorees vary greatly, they are all united by an astounding level of service and accomplishment.

Study in Creativity and Innovation Our vision is to engage alumni through fun and serious-minded content, and student development via recruitment and raising scholarships for talented a high school students to attend Austin Texas Exes.

Our Life Members

  • Alumni contributions are hugely important to the welfare of a school. After graduation,I vowed that i would give back to Austin Texas Exes and I always my kids to do the same.


    BA 68,Life Member

  • I think that the student experience is so important.I came to Austin Texas Exes from a small high school,so having thing like camp Austin Texas Exes and social events really helped me find my way on the Forty Acres.

    Paul Robin

    Life Member