UT Austin is an incredible college. One of the largest institutions in the US, and located right in the heart of Austin, there is never a shortage of things to do – academically or socially. Check out this list of 7 reasons why UT Austin is the Best University in Texas.

1. Austin
Whether you’re a student or not, Austin is an incredible city. After four years at UT, I guarantee you, you won’t want to live anywhere else. If the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is any indication, Austin is hip, lively, and the perfect blend of college town and big city.

2. University of Texas Pride
UT pride is truly unlike anything else. If you’re on campus, or certainly at a sporting event, you’ll hear students singing “Texas Fight” and see them making the Hook ‘em Horns hand gesture.

3. Opportunities
UT is one of the top universities in the US. Additionally, it’s absolutely massive. Both of these factors mean that UT provides ample opportunities for its students. Whether in the form of connections to Texas Exes, or through their incredible research programs, UT students are always taken care of.

4. Alumni Network
Known as Texas Exes, the UT Alumni Network adds a dimension of real life connections to your degree. With the opportunity to connect with UT alumni in a number of faculties and departments, Texas Exes is a great asset both during and after college.

5. Academic Reputation (that it lives up to)
UT Austin is consistently ranked as one of the top public universities in the country (listed as #16 amongst US universities in 2016). Due to its strong academic reputation, it’s even been labeled as one of the “Public Ivies.”

6. Vast and Beautiful Campus
UT Austin has a huge and beautiful campus where you can meet tons of friendly Longhorns! Located right in the centre of the city, it is an exciting place for students to call home. If you want an idea of just how vast UT is, the campus has been nicknamed “the Forty Acres” because of its original size when first founded.

7. Party Scene
As if the nightlife in Austin weren’t enough, UT Austin has its own booming party scene. You can find a party happening almost every day of the week due to the large student population and prominent Greek Life.