We know that college can be an exciting yet scary time, no matter if it is your first year on campus or your last. I have put together some of my favorite tips to help get you going and to ensure your success throughout the year!

  1. The Best Transportation Option
    Now that you are back on campus, you must determine how you will get around. Some campuses are spread out so driving to school or biking is the best option. Others are more condensed and you can walk everywhere that you need to be within 15 minutes. Don’t forget to look up the city bus schedule along with your apartment community’s bus schedule if they have one. Remember, not everyone comes to school with a car, and that is okay, use all your resources around you!
  2. Find a Study Space
    Second on the back to school agenda is finding an optimal study space. Figure out how you study best and find your ideal location for that. For some it is the library, others it is an organized study hall. We all study different and different locations will bring out each of our studious sides!
  3. Stay Positive
    This may seem like a no brainer but it is worth being mentioned. Staying positive is important when heading back to school, and exercise can help you. Make a commitment to keep smiling throughout every challenge you encounter at school and always remember that your hard work will pay off in the end.
  4. Eat Healthy on and off Campus
    Another great way to stay positive while going to college is to eat healthy. Don’t try to live on Ramen noodles alone; you need to be adequately nourished to study! The fastest food options may not always be the healthiest so make sure you take a look at all your options before choosing what to indulge in. For example, Melaleuca makes a variety of healthy snack bars, crackers, powdered drink mixes, and other nutritious foods that you can keep stocked in your dorm room.
  5. Never Miss Out On Your Zzz’s
    once we get back into the groove of things on campus, we tend to stay up longer and get up earlier. As you get back to school, you may find it hard to sleep when you have three papers due, a test to study for, and a late shift at your job. Sleeping is essential to your success so make sure you find a way to get some! It may be time to go back to your kindergarten naps between classes.
  6. Organization is the Key
    Staying organized is the way to keep your master plan on track. A lot of colleges will offer free planners to incoming students (most usually house coupons for various locations around campus as well, great bonus!), you just have to pick it up. Use apps on your phone to keep meetings and test schedules organized so you never miss an important deadline. So, have a plan, write it down, and follow it!
  7. Pick Up Your Essentials
    it’s time to accessorize! Most college housing options will come with your furniture and bigger items but you will still need a few more things from the store.Stock up on groceries and snacks that are great for on the go… college always keeps us on the move.