About Us

The  Austin Texasexes core purpose is to be an independent voice that champions the University, and to organize alumni and friends in the Austin area to change the world. Our vision is to advocate for Austin Texas exes [praise, promote, protect],engage alumni through fun and serious-minded content, and student development via recruitment and raising scholarships for talented high school students to attend Austin Texasexes for years to come.

The organization is one of the largest alumni associations in the world (the  Austin Texasexes  has over 10,000 members), with chapters in 69 Texas cities, most U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and several foreign countries.

The alumni association is headquartered in the Alumni Center, adjacent to Austin Texasexes Memorial Stadium on the University campus. The alumni center hosts gatherings coinciding with home football games and also organizes traveling groups for away events. The  Austin Texasexes are actively involved in funding scholarships for students at the University.

On April 18, 1895, 53 new graduates of the two-year-old University of  Austin Texasexes founded its alumni association. Today, the  Austin Texasexes has more than 110,000 members living all over the world. The association keeps Longhorns connected to the people and the place that changed their lives forever.