One of Austin’s greatest strengths is its diversity, but that makes it hard to make everyone happy with something like a bond proposal. The technology community should vote for this bond because it addresses some of the biggest challenges facing this city and includes investment in smart signaling technology that helps us get more utilization out of the roads we have.

Transportation is one of the biggest challenges facing Austin as we grow — the current situation is bad and getting worse. We have to make investments looking toward the future growth that we know is coming. Regardless of how you feel about light rail or gondolas or other alternative solutions, it’s hard to argue with maximizing the utilization of the roads that we have so that they are as efficient as possible.The most technology-forward part of this bond is an investment in upgrading our street signals with smarter sensors instead of just simple timers

An online custom printing company based in Austin, TX. The companies web-based process allows users to place custom orders for signs, magnets, banners, bumper stickers, and more.

A few fast facts from the company website:

  • Per yearly Revenue: $57MM
  • Financial Growth: 50% year-over-year, on average
  • Employees: 280+
  • Ownership: privately owned
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX
  • BuildASign Operated Sites: 40+

Behind the company’s revolutionary custom printing are over 280 employees working on the factory floor and office space to provide high quality products. Take a look at our original photos of where it all starts.