As the capital city of the enormous state of Texas, Austin has an enormous amount of things for folks to see and do. With nearly 1,000 cities in Texas (962 to be exact), Austin is appropriately situated toward the beginning of the alphabet, leading the way as the capital city. As far as city names, Austin (named after Stephen Austin) is somewhat “normal.” Here, though, is a list of some of the more curious city names found in the Lone Star State. The list includes one entry per letter, A-to-Z (except X), with population as per the 2010 census. Useless trivia, yes. But, maybe something to think about while you’re mopping the floor or cleaning the garage.

Angus: 414
Blessing: 861
Cut and Shoot: 1,070
Dripping Springs: 1,788
Early: 2,762
Friendswood: 35,805
Gun Barrel City: 5,672
Hedwig Village: 2,557
Ingleside on the Bay: 615
Jamaica Beach: 983
Kermit: 5,708
Log Cabin: 714
Mustang Ridge: 861
Noonday: 777
Old River-Winfree: 1245
Pflugerville: 46,936
Quitman: 1809
Red Lick: 1,008
Sour Lake: 1813
Turkey: 421
Uncertain: 94
Van: 2,632
White Settlement: 16,116
Yoakum: 5,815
Zavalla: 713

I must admit, compiling this list was an entertaining endevour. Some of my favorite entries were: Noonday with its appropriately, optimistic 777 population number and Uncertain with its equally-appropriately, uncertain 94 population number!

No matter how you slice it, Texas truly is a remarkable state, with remarkable things–including, . . . remarkable city names!