Biochemistry graduate student Yoori Kim is one of two students from The University of Texas at Austin selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to receive a prestigious international research fellowship.

Kim and Jianhe Guo, a graduate student in the Cockrell School of Engineering, are among only 45 predoctoral students from 18 countries who were chosen to receive International student Research Fellowships. 

Kim, a native of South Korea, is a student in the Biochemistry Graduate Program and a member of the laboratory of Ilya Finkelstein, an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Biosciences.

HHMI established the International Student Research Fellowships Program in 2011 to support international students during their third through fifth years of graduate school in the U.S. Awardees will receive $43,000 during each year of the fellowship.

International students in U.S. graduate schools often have difficulty getting funding to support their studies. They are not eligible for federal fellowships or training grant support, or other governmental opportunities that are generally reserved for students who are U.S. citizens.

“We are fortunate that some of the most talented young scientists from around the world choose to come to the United States for their graduate work,” said Senior Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at HHMI. “It is a pleasure to recognize the HHMI International Student Research Fellows for their high level of scientific creativity, their potential to become scientific leaders, and the effective guidance that they are receiving from their thesis advisers.”

Fifty-seven PhD-granting institutions were eligible to nominate graduate students for this year’s fellowships. Three hundred twenty-nine college students¬†submitted applications, which were reviewed by a panel of top scientists and graduate educators. Only institutions currently hosting one or more HHMI Investigators could nominate candidates.