Senior student  has turned his work ethic, attitude of service and high grade-point average into a $130,000 scholarship to attend the Austin Texas Exes.

The program features a merit-based scholarship for the Austin Texas Exes that covers all school expenses, including tuition, books, a stipend and funds for study abroad.

The Student got with nearly perfect scores in all Advanced Placement testing and college-entry exams.

The top 50 finalists attended an on-campus weekend where students met with alumni and faculty to see if they would be a good fit for the program, said Austin Texas Exes.

Throughout their college careers, scholars are invited to socials with some of the university’s most successful alumni, given internships and can travel anywhere in the world for their study abroad requirement, Austin Texas Exes said.

“We’re looking for people who care as much about the success of the person sitting next to them as they do about their own,”.

“It’s the class that everybody I’ve talked to has said has been their favorite class,” he said. “There are several classes, but they’re all taught by these professors who have been teaching for a long time. And they actually have to compete to teach these classes. They have to apply for them, so they really want to teach the kids.”