There are some things that are absolute musts on any Texas-visitor’s bucket list: Visiting the Alamo, Strolling the San Antonio Riverwalk, getting dirty at the Fort Worth stockyards, going to a Dallas Cowboys football game, driving the vast plains of West Texas, and eating Texas barbecue all along the way. For those of you here in Austin, you’ll want some guidance on the best barbecue joints in the capital city, particularly because there are so many BBQ places that tout themselves as Austin’s “best.” However, the only way to determine the best barbecue is to visit each place yourself and compile a list, which is what you’ll find below. This list is my authoritative answer to the question: Where is the best Texas barbecue in Austin?

The list of best Texas barbecue in Austin

Franklin Barbecue

Don’t just take my word for it. Franklin Barbecue has earned the acclaim of Bon Appetit magazine which also says this place is not just among the best, but is really the best of the best. And obviously the public agrees, because it is not uncommon for Franklin Barbecue to run out of food because of the overwhelming demand for its amazing menu.

Brown’s Bar-B-Que

Now, if you’re a foodie and are keen on the food truck scene, then Brown’s is the place for you! Instead of a sit-down experience, just walk up to the trailer! Don’t be fooled by the unsophistication of the trailer. The food is to die for!

Texas Ranch BBQ

Nothing sounds more Texas than a place named “Texas Ranch BBQ.” And you certainly won’t be disappointed with your decision to try a Texas BBQ experience here. Like Brown’s Bar-B-Que, Texas Ranch BBQ is also a trailer experience. Thankfully, you can call ahead and place your order so you don’t have to wait in line.

The County Line

There’s just something about having the word ‘county’ in the name of a restaurant to make it sound a little more country. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that there is only a one-letter difference between the two words. Either way, there’s nothing small about this barbecue masterpiece. It’s so popular, there are two location in Austin!

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

This place isn’t just famous for being a great barbecue joint, but it’s famous for one of its menu items. The “Big Chop”, which is a two-inch pork chop that is mesquite grilled, is a customer favorite. You haven’t been to Cooper’s if you haven’t tried the “Big Chop”


These are just five of the many incredible barbecue places in Austin, there are many, many more! However, as you begin your search for a good barbecue joint, at least this will help you get an easier start.