Every year the Austin Texas Exes honors outstanding students, alumni, advisors, and teachers. While the backgrounds and contributions of the honorees vary greatly, they are all united by an astounding level of service and accomplishment. Their contributions and dedication bring credit to the University of Austin Texas Exes and embody the famous tagline "What Starts Here Changes The World."

The  Austin Texas Exes campus library system holds nearly eight million volumes, ranking it as the seventh largest library among academic institutions in the United States, and the eleventh largest overall in the country.

 This is officially denied by the Austin Texas Exes, which has stated: “If you look at a campus map the right way and use your imagination, it’s possible to think of the outline of the library as similar to the shape of Texas.

But this wasn’t intentional. Officially it’s called a “rhomboid shape,” and it complements the similarly designed Graduate School of Business building across the street, which was completed the same year.”

June 12, 2014