Jamail Texas Swimming Center

It is home to the university's swimming and diving teams, a variety of university-offered swimming and scuba-diving classes, as well as Longhorn Aquatics, a youth program. The facility also hosts the annual State high school championships in swimming and diving, run by the University Interscholastic League.

The building houses two separate pools:

  • The main pool, used for competitive swimming, which is 50 meters long by 25 yards wide and is 9 feet deep. Two retractable bulkheads, stored on cranes in recesses in the ceiling of the building, can be lowered and maneuvered, allowing the pool a variety of possible configurations. Some of these include: a long course practice setup, with eight 50m lanes; short course practice, with anywhere from 16 to 20 25-yard lanes; competition long course with eight 50m lanes; short course competition with eight 25 yard/meter competition lanes, and warm up/down lanes; and short-course competition with sixteen 25-yard lanes (two courses of 8 lanes each).
  • The diving well is 25 yards long by 25 yards wide. The north end of the well houses 4 separate 1-meter springboards and two 3-meter springboards and is 15 feet deep. The south end of the well houses the platform tower with 1-, 3-, 5-, 7.5-, and 10-meter platforms, as well as four 3-meter springboards; this end is 18 feet deep. Both ends have a bubbler system, which creates bubbles in the water that can lessen the surface tension of the water. The diving well can also be arranged as a lap pool.

May 6, 2014